W : Usar em comum

Date: 2010
Head: Bart Lootsma
Chair for Architecturaltheory, Leopold Franzens University, Innsbruck, Austria
Public Architecture & Urban Design, Recife, Brazil
Bart Lootsma, Carmen Wurz
Peter Mähr

Due to the difficult social situation in the cities of Brazil, there are current discussions about new sustainable models for the city and new approaches to masterplanning and urban management, which aims mainly at improving the justice and equal opportunities for the residents. The reinforcement of identity and responsibility for the environment are important principles.

The council of Recife (northeastern Brazil) is currently planning a huge project to develop the past harbour area, but the inclusion of the poorer inhabitants living there has been only partially taken into account, which brings potential for conflicts in the future.

The main idea of “Usar em comum”  is to create a transition between the historical part of Recife and his inhabitants with the new district on the harbour. It creates a public space, witch takes note of the climatic and social conditions of Recife. Studies of the social approaches in Brazil’s modernity and the apply of those into current urban planning in Brazil, are the base of the new urban area. To meet the current ideas of the council, the program of  the space is a public scool, a library and a fakulty of IT. In addition it is a public forum for people.

The result is an urban space designed for the use and the experience of every day live, that provides different users space for development and creates the possibility to improve their knowledge. (Text: Carmen Wurz)