Stadtlabor : Villa S

Date: 2009
Office: Stadtlabor,  Innsbruck, Austria
Type: Residential – Single Family House, Altmuenster, Austria
Head: Martin Mutschlechner
Team: Lukas Maehr, Martin Mutschlechner
Employment: Junior Architect
Photo: Martin Mutschlechner

The villa is located at the S foot of a hill in the town near the Traunsee Altmuenster. The unspoiled nature with the view to the Traunstein has shaped the design of the building: basic design idea is to maintain the landscape.

The new building is set into the hillside, that the topography is not changed. Only deposited hang side, hovers the front part of the building on stilts above the ground. The soil surface in the elevated ground floor is returned to nature as a green roof again. As if one had opened up the hill and planted in the building. The adjustment to the green environment gradually with the realization and the growth of the facade planting always greater.

Inside the building are functional spaces together and designed as closed units. Sun are on the base of the upper storey single boxes: south on the brightest side of the house, the children with an intermediate course and scope, the north, the master bedroom closet and a bathroom in the northwest corner. Everyone in between remaining free space is available with the exception of the immovable block for kitchen Housing, Life, Eating, Play, Work available. The free plan allows for free movement throughout the house and above all views in all directions.

Access is via a small entrance area with dirt lock and economic areas in the basement; this is also a small guest room. The upper floor is accessible from the terrace on the west directly into the meadow. (Text: Martin Mutschlechner)

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