Holzbox : Les Chalets Chaleureux

Date: 2010
Office: Holzbox,  Innsbruck, Austria
Type: Residential Architecture, Lech am Arlberg, Austria
Head: Armin Kathan
Team: Armin Kathan, Bernhard Geiger, Carmen Wurz
Employment: Architectural Assistant
Photo: Holzbox

The two family houses are located in Lech am Arlberg, a mountain village about 1500m above sealevel. The architectural appearance of the village is characterized by a traditional design. The priority of the project was the smooth integration into the nature and the rural environment and the use of natural materials and local crafts, but still satisfy the expectations of modern living and lifestyle. The difficult weather conditions of Lech by the enormous amounts of snow and the low temperature in winter were other challenges for the design and the contract documentation of the project. (Text: Carmen Wurz)


Villa H