M : Festival Centre Innsbruck

Date: 2010
Head: Bart Lootsma
Institut: Chair for Architecturaltheory, Leopold Franzens University, Innsbruck, Austria
Type: Public Architecture, Innsbruck, Austria
Team: Bart Lootsma, Maehr Lukas
Photo: Peter Mähr

Innsbruck has become the centre of the focus of research that deals with political, social, cultural and scientific changes in alpine areas. Even in this central role Innsbruck is facing the usual challenges of small European city. The disappearance of the city limits, the increase of the aging population, the stagnation or shrinking of the population, the decline in tourism, the rampant growing of the forest surrounding and the struggle of global positioning in a virtualized and media driven world.

The introduction of festivals in the past has often proved to be a successful strategy in difficult situations. The cultural reuse of the abandoned urban area, with a historic rotunda at one of the cornerstones of the city, as a festivalcentre would redefine the city area and could be a space to experiment on the essential development of the city. (Text: Lukas Maehr)