DMArchitects : Shopping Mall Southtyrol

Date: 2010
Office: DMArchitects, Innsbruck, Austria
Type: Public Architecture – Shopping Mall, Southtyrol, Italy
Head: Dieter Mathoi
Team: Axel Birnbaum, Christoph Felger (Chipperfield Berlin),
Lukas Maehr, Dieter Mathoi
Employment: Junior Architect
Render: DMArchitects

The new shopping mall, initiated by a private investor, is a large inner city building and integrates itself into the existing context with sensitivity and power while still respecting it. The new building occupies an public space in a difficult area next to the railway station and revalues the space therefore.

The structure is given to the long stretched facade by columns and this colonnadelike facade continues the architectural characteristics of the historical inner city colonnades. (Text: Lukas Maehr)


Dieter Mathoi Architekten
David Chipperfield