MW : Poolbar Festival

Date: 2007
Office: MWArchitecture – former Stubenrein,  Innsbruck, Austria
Type: Interiour – Festival Architecture, Feldkirch, Austria
Head: Lukas Maehr, Angelika Wurz, Carmen Wurz
Team: Lukas Maehr, Christine Oehlinger, Herta Spiegel, Angelika Wurz, Carmen Wurz, Zumtobel
Employment: Associate
Photo: Guenter Richard Wett

The project is based on traditional culture, without ever refer to transfigured cliches. Elements of the traditional alpine building culture are detected and investigated, dismantled, reinterpreted and combined to revaluate them.

Dialect words collected of over 1000 participants from different nations and dialectal texts are part of the design. Language acts as a “businesscard” of a region, as a “brand”, which provides a cultural identity. For the visitor’s the words are helpful to read the room functions simultaneously the words create a certain mood in each of the different rooms  by their content and their font and are an occasion to make contact, an invitation to communicate. Every room is able to adjust the colour and intensity of its lighting to influence the customers mood thanks to the newest LED technology of Zumtobel. (Text: Lukas Maehr)