Stadtlabor : Climbing Gym Brixen

Date: 2009
Office: Stadtlabor,  Innsbruck, Austria
Type: Public Architecture – Climbing Gym, Brixen, Italy
Head: Martin Mutschlechner
Team: In. Merano, Martin Mutschlechner, Lukas Maehr, Carmen Wurz
Employment: Junior Architect
Photo: Martin Mutschlechner

The climbing gym Brixen occurs at a prominent urban site and is therefore also aesthetically designed and creatively challenging. By a transparent facade design, natural landscape and transported into the building, while the interior remains visible outside. The multi-layered facade structure creates a moiré effect, of moving the viewer creates new impressions and both users inside and outside the viewer into a dynamic relationship to the climbing gym is. In planning the climbing gym are environmental issues and sustainability prerequisite. They are due to the detailed planning and a sophisticated climate control system with multi-layered facade, Ventilation or. Heat storage by intermediate zones in the building facade, and the creation of mass storage in the building. With the use of solar energy, the seasonal variable front cover and the area involved- and aeration is a mechanical cooling is not necessary and results in significant cost savings for construction and operating costs. The development of the climbing gym is on the south side of the new town square, North side from the upper city park; A connection to the new underground parking is provided; the accessibility development also ensures a use for therapeutic purposes. The open design of the climbing gym with free-standing climbing tower provides a view to the outside of the park and square, and inward across the entire hall. The technical approach makes climbing the hall suitable for climbers and recreational climbers, for training and competition. (Text: Jan Willman)

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