M working @ Studio 1

2005 I 06

M wasworking as an studying assistant at the istitute of Design, Studio 1, Leopold Franzens University Innsbruck.

Stephano de Martino is the Chair of the Institute. He was an associate of OMA (1979-83), has worked in partnership with Alex Wall (Cities of Childhood, 4 Topographies, AA), and started his studio in London in 1989, gaining recognition through projects and competitions. His work is exhibited and published widely since the 1980s. Together with designer Lars Neckel he is currently preparing a new book on the body of his work.

A graduate of UCL Bartlett and the Architectural Association, London, he combines his work with a long standing commitment to education. He has taught for many years at the Architectural Association, and been visiting faculty at Columbia, U-Penn, the Royal Danish Art Academy and the Berlage Institute among others. He is RIBA external examiner at London Metropolitan University.

Started Lorma Marti with Karen Lohrmann in 2002, focusing on studies of spaces, cultural manifestations and resultant landscapes. Their work is published and exhibited internationally, most recent publications are Update: All Possible Worlds (2008) and How we spent it (2009). The upcoming Waiting Land introduces their view on speculative land use and the contemporary landscape in Southern Italy. Lorma Marti are based in Berlin and Los Angeles.

At the University of Innsbruck Faculty of Architecture he is chair of the Institute of Design and director of Studio1. He teaches master design studio and diploma class and pursues research on The Good Block and Productive Landscape. He is also co-editor of publications, the Studio1 publication series published by Scarabaeus, together with Celia Di Pauli and Karen Lohrmann. (Text: Stephano de Martino)