M working @ Architecturaltheory

2006 I 09

M was working as an studying assistant at the chair for Architecturaltheory, Leopold Franzens University, Innsbruck.

The chair of architectural theory was founded in February 2006 in the course of Bart Lootsma’s appointment to the Leopold-Franzens-University Innsbruck. The chair is a department within the framework of the architectural faculty and provides a wide range of scientific, media and curative programmes. It offers excellent opportunities for advanced studies and research in the field of architecture and in related areas such as urban planning and landscape design. Prospective architects gain professional expertise in the conceptual and communicative aspects of architecture. Complementary education programmes are offered to support specialised future careers which reflect the cultural viewpoint of architecture, ranging from architectural theoreticians to architectural historians and architectural journalists. On that scope, the chair’s research concentrates on the central question of how urbanity and landscape have been perceived by architects and urban planners during the 20th and 21st century. This focus demonstrates a valuable perspective in which architecture is positioned as a unique form of cultural expression. Further programmes of research deal with the analysis of the contemporary city, the Alps as a particular form of cultural intervention and moreover, with the pivotal projection of how new cultural, technological, social and political formations influence the architectural discipline. In order to provide adequate opportunities, the chair of architectural theory has moved into former studios of the faculty building in December 2006. Architect Martin Mutschlechner has developed a concept of a series of boxes functioning as mobile work stations. These boxes create a flexible network that can easily be adapted and configured in the studio’s space according to the spatial and infrastructural requirements. (Text: Architecturaltheory)