Stadtlabor : Teis grows

Date: 2008
Office: Stadtlabor,  Innsbruck, Austria
Type: Urban Design – Townplanning, Altmuenster, Austria
Head: Martin Mutschlechner
Team: Lukas Maehr, Martin Mutschlechner
Employment: Junior Architect
Photographer: Martin Mutschlechner

Through the settlement planning analysis, some modern development pattern (Single Family, Apartment building, Townhouse, etc.) the existing village structure compared with, while the proposed building plan can be derived from the existing settlement pattern. The development of the zone takes place through a side road, that leads to a main course, are affiliated with the public functions and where an underground car park is provided, of the whole zone is. The zone is thus largely free of cars and has a high degree of public space. The routing is tuned to a convincing way to the existing village. The paths, leading to the village, have the character of a church path and divided five different areas, identified in the plan as an “island”. By Selbstbewirtschaften by the inhabitants of the rest areas in these islands created semi-public areas, the sense of identity and social life support. The very steep zone area deliberately left untouched, so that the site remains unchanged and no high retaining walls are required. (Text:Martin Mutschlechner)

Architecture and Context
Climbing Gym Brixen
Masterplan Brixen
Villa S
Villa W